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Doug Curling Photo

I like taking photos.  I don’t like workflow management, post-production editing or figuring out how to make this blog work correctly.  My only goal is to take better photos.  Hopefully, this blog helps motivate me and measure my progress.

I shoot with the camera I have with me — including my iPhone 4s.  Many of my older photos were made using my Nikons (N70, N90, D3 or D4).  Recently, I’ve mostly switched over to Leica — a D-Lux5 or a M9.  I like that with Leica I carry less gear and use the lens I have with me.  I also find myself paying more attention to composition, light and aperture with Leica — but I’ve got a LOT left to learn.

If I do post-production editing, I use Lightroom with the Silver Efex or Color Efex plug-ins.  I had ADD long before it was fashionable so my editing is mostly light and quick.

There’s usually something I was looking for when I snapped a particular shot but its rare that I actually get it right.  Sometimes though I do like what I see.  Taking more photos helps.

Over the last couple of years I’ve had to chance to meet a number of really great photographers (serendipity). One of them gently chided me to work harder to share my work with others. Elliott thanks!


435-214-0816 (direct)

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